MAAT | Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lisbon (PT)

EDP Foundation New Artists Award 2019 | Winner

16.05- 09.09.2019

Diana Policarpo – Death Grip, 2019

Installation view.

video animation stills, color, sound. Courtesy of the artist.

Death Grip (2019)

15 multi-channel audio installation synchronised with two 3D animations (HD, 16:9, color), 
sound sculptures and controlled temperature.

Duration: 17'20''(loop)

Dimensions variable.

Curated by Inês Grosso


Concept, composition and voice-over - Diana Policarpo
Video post-production - João Cáceres Costa
Writer - Emmy Beber
Sound Design - Edward Simpson 
Mastering - Brendan Feeney 
Architecture - Diogo Passarinho Studio

Photographic credits: Bruno Lopes