Ed. 06/2018
Ensaio - por Sofia Lemos

Essay (PT/EN):

(...) Attuning to vulnerable figures, to the precariousness of female bodies working as unwaged labour and women’s historical exclusion from capitalism development (also in Marxist and post-structuralist accounts) is vital to rehearse conditions through which we can engage practices of rescuing from, resisting to and sounding the canon. (...)
In a sonic practice of aural communion, tuning in to the world is to draw attention to the intricate relation between language and speech, power and violence, legibility and inequity. Building on Susan Sontag’s provocation “Silence is the artist’s ultimate other-worldly gesture, attunement is foundational to any auditory position, which in Policarpo’s practice is announced as in and of itself. To this question—the rapport between sonic expression and the body and affect as a means of communication with the world—Policarpo’s artworks proposes a complex ethics of sonic thought and materiality. Previously parsed by the dawning discourse of the Enlightenment, the mind and the ear in unison radiate the impossibility of containing singularity. Intimately entangled, resonance and attunement are the bastions of its alliance.

- Sofia Lemos