Sun in Cancer, 2016

Site-Specific Installation

6 Channel Audio piece, 2016

Applied materials:
Sound speakers, wave player, equalizers, audio cable. Duration: 20:53 min. (loop)

Percussion, synthesizer, pedals and electronic generators: Diana Policarpo 
Theremin: Hannah Catherine Jones
Voice: Hannah Catherine Jones and Diana Policarpo

Composition for The Spheres: Hannah Catherine Jones and Diana Policarpo

Sound-Sculptures (bean bags), 2016

Applied Materials:
Canvas, sound speakers, polysterene, mp3 players, pre-amplifiers and audio cable. Dimensions: 102 x 88 x 117 cm (hxbxl)

Spoken word: Charlotte Puder (German) and Diana Policarpo (English)


1-  Johanna Beyer,
TotalEclipse (1934) and Universal-Local (1934), 03:00min.
2 - Johanna Beyer,
Status Quo/Music of the Spheres Introduction: Act I (1938), 02:34 min. 3 - Johanna Beyer, Letter to Henry Cowell (August 30, 1936), 01:50 min.

4 - Diana Policarpo, Total Eclipse (1934), Universal-Local (1934), Status Quo/Music of the Spheres ,Introduction: Act I (1938), Letter to Henry Cowell (August 30, 1936), 07:03 min.

Visual Scores (Steel Sculptures), 2016

Applied materials:
Steel, acrylic and graphite.

Screen 1, 200 x 135 x 60 cm (hxbxl)
Screen 2, 200 x 135 x 60 cm (hxbxl)
Screen 3, 200 x 135 x 60 cm (hxbxl)
Untitled (I), 180 x 95 x 60 cm (hxbxl) Untitled (Sphere), 200 x 50,5 x 51 cm (hxbxl)

Site-Specific Light Environment

Applied materials: Blue foil. Dimensions variable. 

Curated by Anna Jehle and Juliane Schickendanz

Photography: Lucie Marsmann

more info about the exhibition here  - lAb - Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld (DE)

The Spheres (an homage to J.M. Beyer), 2015

Live Performance by Diana Policarpo (electric bass, pedals and percussion), Hannah Catherine Jones (viola, pedals and theremin) and Camilla Padgitt-Coles (singing bowls, one-bar chime,visuals)

Film made from original instructions from Beyer’s Music of the Spheres manuscript and CRT projection by Camilla Padgitt-Coles 
Duration: 25min.

Pairing Down curated by Rachel Valinsky & Marion Guiraud
Courtesy of the Artist
Peninsula Gallery, NYC

Video documentation online soon.