FOAM at AN/DOR and Wysing Arts Center Archive

Installation view at AND/OR, London 
Curated by Mat Jenner
Photography by Tom Carter

One off 12'' vlack dub plate record. Artist label on A and B sides. Presented within black inner and outer sleeves. Displayed and accessed within a record archive. Comissioned by Gareth Bell-Jones.

Side A: Erzulie, (10:00), 2014

Side B: Darkness provides a better source of illumination, (05:55), 2014

For further details about the Foam project, the on-going programme and works in the archive:

Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Beating Back Darkness, 2014

Beating Back Darkness, 2014
multi-channel sound installation, vessels and acoustic panels

Applied materials: wood, chalk, cables, amplifier, voice, sensor, speakers and mix media.
Dimensions variable

Spoken word duration: 10:15min
Soundscape duration (total): 15min.

Courtesy of Dietrich Brants and Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Curated by Luisa Heese
Photography Michael Belogour

For her exhibition at 45cbm, Policarpo will present a new multi­-channel sound piece, accompanied by earthen plaster assemblages of objects and detritus (found on site) that operate both as speakers and vessels, what she refers to as drunk sirens. The space becomes a stage upon which a scene unravels; a disembodied voice jostles to be heard over a litany of visual and aural noise.

Luisa Heese

25 / 03 / 2014

LISTENING SEMINAR 4: Sound Works by Women Artists

The MA in Aural and Visual Cultures Presents:
Listening Seminar 4 – Sound Works by Women Artists
Tuesday, 25th March 2014  8-10PM

This seminar will present new audio pieces by a selection of women artists. It features the work of Adrianna Palazzolo, Cara Tolmie, Diana Policarpo, Hannah Catherine Jones, Jenna Bliss, Jenna Collins, Marina Elderton and Nicola Woodham.

Each of these artists investigate different aspects of sound, in relation to space, atmosphere and the presence or absence of the image. Through a variety of approaches, these works explore notions of multi-vocality, using rhythm, time, formal and informal speech, narrative and noise, both as material and inspiration.

The works have been compiled back-to-back on a playlist, to prioritise collective listening, over discussion. I hope this event, which is married to space and corporeality, will allow us to question the various ways we experience the sonic world.

Diana Policarpo
March, 2014

Part I

1. Jenna Bliss
“Lincoln Detox”, 2014
14:14 min, stereo sound

2. Adrianna Palazzolo
“18.03.14_Mario”, 2014
05:05 min, stereo sound

3. Nicola Woodham
“Humwhammy/Voice Changer”, 2014
08:29 min, stereo sound

4. Cara Tolmie
“PIT”, 2014
07:36 min, stereo sound

Part II

5. Hannah Catherine Jones
“Aria (for our ears)”, 2014
09:00 min, stereo sound

6. Jenna Collins
“Deaf Captain Accident”, 2014
05:52 min, stereo sound
Music by Tim Parkinson.
Extract from TRIO (2007) played by Angharad Davies, Tim Parkinson and Stefan Thut and extract from Viola Piece (2003) played by Julia Eckhardt.

7. Marina Elderton
“C’est Celestial I”, 2014
05:06 min, stereo sound

8. Diana Policarpo
“Part A – Erzulie”, 2014
13:45 min, stereo sound
Based on an excerpt from “The Divine Horsemen” (1956), by Maya Deren.