Swiggity swangin' biggity bangin', like I'm turning leftI'm biggity bustin a rightAnd now you know in and out, out and in I dip

(...) We continue along as separate bodies. (...)

Black Flag surrenders under Lea Bridge Road, all melody destroyed, decayed, destructed like a new pair of jeans and a guy works on his boat confused by the boombox blaring with this art audience waiting for something better to happen. Our routines have locked us in, relapsing to the party - the thick amorous air, the frenetic unhindered movement - we can rewind, sobriety approaching with every damp gust of wind and warm ray of sun, walking to warm - wishing we could be naked. (...)

Diana Policarpo & Jenna Dini Bliss, 

A Walking Piece by Diana and Jenna, 2013
duration: 30 min.
Photo: Limner Studio © Art Licks

Performance for Art Licks Weekend 2013 as part of Stop, Look, Listen! in association with Art Licks.
Hackney Wick, White Post Lane, London -  Friday 4th October, 6.00 pm