Kassem Mosse / Diana Policarpo
Staat Aus Glas EP,  
Sounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records



Three exclusive raw house & techno tracks from Kassem Mosse exclusive to our Sounds Of The Universe label on this very limited (300 copies worldwide) 12”.

This single is part of our Art+Sound 12” series, pressed on 180gm vinyl, each with VERY 

EXCLUSIVE 12 X 12 hand-screen printed artwork, numbered and signed by the artist Diana Policarpo.

The 12" single also comes with EXCLUSIVE free download code (you cannot buy the download on it's own).

This is Kassem Mosse's first solo project of the year. Channeling diverse percussive and rhythmic traditions - religious drumming ensembles filtered through astral jazz, Underground Resistance's rugged 909 output tempered with considered minimalism all cut together with signature slow motion groove, textures contrast and sci-fi synths.

This first EP on the Sounds Of The Universe label travels through the dissonant orchestral sweeps, gliding metallic harmonics and tight polyrhythms of 'Staat Aus Glas', the skidding delay and offkilter 80s darkside of 'Escape From Frankfurt', and the saturated cinematic techno of 'Nacht An Allen Tangent'.

Diana Policarpo is a Portuguese visual and sound artist working in London.

 © Diana Policarpo, 2012

Untitled (Invisible Script) , 2012
Applied Materials: plaster, voice, steel, audio cables, amplifier, contact microphones, mixer table, natural forces
Live Performance
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist
London, UK

Video performance, HD Video 16: 9, color and sound, 9'15''

The project comprises a sound sculpture and a script.

generative stage/non-stage (model), 2012

visualizing the nothingness may seem more a paradox 

Self-Portrait Leaning on a Stone Hill, 2012
  pen, paper;