For further details about the Foam project, the on-going programme and works in the archive:

One off 12'' vlack dub plate record. Artist label on A and B sides. Presented within black inner and outer sleeves. Displayed and accessed within a record archive. Comissioned by Gareth Bell-Jones.

Side A: Erzulie, (10:00), 2014

Side B: Darkness provides a better source of illumination, (05:55), 2014

25 / 03 / 2014

LISTENING SEMINAR 4: Sound Works by Women Artists

The MA in Aural and Visual Cultures Presents:
Listening Seminar 4 – Sound Works by Women Artists
Tuesday, 25th March 2014  8-10PM

This seminar will present new audio pieces by a selection of women artists. It features the work of Adrianna Palazzolo, Cara Tolmie, Diana Policarpo, Hannah Catherine Jones, Jenna Bliss, Jenna Collins, Marina Elderton and Nicola Woodham.

Each of these artists investigate different aspects of sound, in relation to space, atmosphere and the presence or absence of the image. Through a variety of approaches, these works explore notions of multi-vocality, using rhythm, time, formal and informal speech, narrative and noise, both as material and inspiration.

The works have been compiled back-to-back on a playlist, to prioritise collective listening, over discussion. I hope this event, which is married to space and corporeality, will allow us to question the various ways we experience the sonic world.

Diana Policarpo
March, 2014

Part I

1. Jenna Bliss
“Lincoln Detox”, 2014
14:14 min, stereo sound

2. Adrianna Palazzolo
“18.03.14_Mario”, 2014
05:05 min, stereo sound

3. Nicola Woodham
“Humwhammy/Voice Changer”, 2014
08:29 min, stereo sound

4. Cara Tolmie
“PIT”, 2014
07:36 min, stereo sound

Part II

5. Hannah Catherine Jones
“Aria (for our ears)”, 2014
09:00 min, stereo sound

6. Jenna Collins
“Deaf Captain Accident”, 2014
05:52 min, stereo sound
Music by Tim Parkinson.
Extract from TRIO (2007) played by Angharad Davies, Tim Parkinson and Stefan Thut and extract from Viola Piece (2003) played by Julia Eckhardt.

7. Marina Elderton
“C’est Celestial I”, 2014
05:06 min, stereo sound

8. Diana Policarpo
“Part A – Erzulie”, 2014
13:45 min, stereo sound
Based on an excerpt from “The Divine Horsemen” (1956), by Maya Deren.

dienstag abend
23rd Nov - 7thDec

Work in Progress at The Mews Project  (London, U.K)

28 th Nov 13
Opening at The Mews Project 5 pm

d.a. is a flexible platform initiated by Fernando Mesquita and Ludwig Kittinger. Artists and other professionals are invited to different locations to form a collaborative ( co-labourative) structure to serve as a hub for research of artistic mechanisms and conditions relating to a situation.
Our focus is on leveling the process between idea and outcome in which the existing manner of spatial and/or social and/or any contextual situation serves as a foundation. We encourage participants to step out of their usual work patterns, as a suggestion, not a requirement.
Within the d.a. dynamics we recognize the action (activity/non-activity) as more relevant than the result. The project engages on forms of collaboration in order to: do things, or not, independently of whom or/and what. We are not seeking for types of collaboration that are based on collectively following some concept where a conclusion is the objective. 

Art Review / April 2014

Artist Project: dienstag abend

Diana Policarpo
Acoustic Mirror II, 2014
collage and drawing on paper
21 x 14.8 cm

Swiggity swangin' biggity bangin', like I'm turning leftI'm biggity bustin a rightAnd now you know in and out, out and in I dip

(...) We continue along as separate bodies. (...)

Black Flag surrenders under Lea Bridge Road, all melody destroyed, decayed, destructed like a new pair of jeans and a guy works on his boat confused by the boombox blaring with this art audience waiting for something better to happen. Our routines have locked us in, relapsing to the party - the thick amorous air, the frenetic unhindered movement - we can rewind, sobriety approaching with every damp gust of wind and warm ray of sun, walking to warm - wishing we could be naked. (...)

Diana Policarpo & Jenna Dini Bliss, 

A Walking Piece by Diana and Jenna, 2013
duration: 30 min.
Photo: Limner Studio © Art Licks

Performance for Art Licks Weekend 2013 as part of Stop, Look, Listen! in association with Art Licks.
Hackney Wick, White Post Lane, London -  Friday 4th October, 6.00 pm

Diana Policarpo
Here on Earth as Well, 2013

amplifiers, bass bin, 2.1 sound system, trophy, marching drum, sound panels,
and mixed media

Dimensions variable

Live performance
4th July 2013

special thanks to:
Raquel Figueira, Hannah Jones, Marina Elderton, Lika, Matt McQuillan, Jasmine Johnson
recordings and video of the performance will be available soon.

Untitled (The Hand), 2013
applied materials: mdf, metal, acoustic foam, snare, tape, kick,laptop, microphone, drumsticks
Dimensions variable
London, U.K

The project includes a lectern transformed and activated by percussion and spoken word.

there is a kind of river clay that goes through several metamorphoses, building shells, shifting and changing
Anderson has distinguished herself as a multifaceted artist, who addresses life, politics, social issues, and technology through her use of spoken word and storytelling. In her theatrical performance, she integrates projected film and video, photography, graphics, sculpture, and electronic and instrumental music.

More Information:[/url]
Copyright ©
Anderson has distinguished herself as a multifaceted artist, who addresses life, politics, social issues, and technology through her use of spoken word and storytelling. In her theatrical performance, she integrates projected film and video, photography, graphics, sculpture, and electronic and instrumental music.

More Information:[/url]
Copyright ©

rough her use of spoken word and storytelling. In her theatrical performance, she integrates projected film and video, photography, graphics, sculpture, and electronic and instrumental music.

More Information:[/url]
Copyright ©

© Diana Policarpo / February 2013


Rui Toscano's Sound Sculptures 1994 - 2013 @ Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal
Curated by Miguel Wandschneider
Opening : 8th February 2013

photos by Susana Pomba 

Bricks Are Heavy, 2013

Bricks Are Heavy marked the beginning of a long line of works in which the artist simultaneously uses the radio cassette recorder as a sculptural element as a sound amplification device. For this piece Rui Toscano commissioned a list of soundworks / tracks from different artists including myself to be playing in a different boombox. There will be sounds pieces from a wide range of artists as Lee Ranaldo, Julião Sarmento, João Onofre, or DJ Ride.


1 - Untitled (Under The Volcano), 2011
5:14 min 
drums ; spoken word: Diana Policarpo
electric guitar / mastering: Pedro Andrade
Britannia Row Studios , London , U.K, 2011

2 - Untitled (New Cross I), 2012
1:14 min
percussão; rec; spoken work: Diana Policarpo

London, U.K

3 - Untitled (Coconut), 20121:04 min
rec; spoken word: Diana Policarpo
London, U.K, 2012

4 - April (So Long Sucker), 2012
2:25 min
percussion; rec; spoken word: Diana Policarpo

London, U.K, 2012

5 - Untitled (Amazon), 20122:24 min
percussion; rec ; spoken word: Diana Policarpo

London, U.K, 2012

6 - Untitled (Space Jam), 2013
20:27 min
drums: Diana Policarpo
theramin: Man From Uranus (Phil MFU)
London, U.K , 2013

Kassem Mosse / Diana Policarpo
Staat Aus Glas EP,  
Sounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records


Three exclusive raw house & techno tracks from Kassem Mosse exclusive to our Sounds Of The Universe label on this very limited (300 copies worldwide) 12”.

This single is part of our Art+Sound 12” series, pressed on 180gm vinyl, each with VERY 

EXCLUSIVE 12 X 12 hand-screen printed artwork, numbered and signed by the artist Diana Policarpo.

The 12" single also comes with EXCLUSIVE free download code (you cannot buy the download on it's own).

This is Kassem Mosse's first solo project of the year. Channeling diverse percussive and rhythmic traditions - religious drumming ensembles filtered through astral jazz, Underground Resistance's rugged 909 output tempered with considered minimalism all cut together with signature slow motion groove, textures contrast and sci-fi synths.

This first EP on the Sounds Of The Universe label travels through the dissonant orchestral sweeps, gliding metallic harmonics and tight polyrhythms of 'Staat Aus Glas', the skidding delay and offkilter 80s darkside of 'Escape From Frankfurt', and the saturated cinematic techno of 'Nacht An Allen Tangent'.

Diana Policarpo is a Portuguese visual and sound artist working in London.

 © Diana Policarpo, 2012

Untitled (Invisible Script) , 2012
applied materials: plaster, voice, steel, audio cables, amplifier, contact microphones, mixer table, natural forces
Live Performance
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the Artist
London, U.K

Video-Performance, HD Video 16:9, colour and sound, 9'15´´

The project comprises a sound-sculpture and a script.

Now I (left) In You (right) Without (left) A Body (right), 2012
pen, cardboard;

generative stage/non-stage (model), 2012

visualizing the nothingness may seem more a paradox 

Self-Portrait Leaning on a Stone Hill, 2012
  pen, paper;

Untitled (Optimism As Rebellion), 2012
wood, ink, chalk, sweat;

non-musical items for performance, Studio, 2012
painted steel, acrylic, wood

Studio, 2011


 Ausstellungsort: Salon e.V_Atelierhaus Augustastraße 19a_31141 Hildesheim

"Gesellschaftszimmer" Salon e.V. in Kooperation mit dem Think Tank Amper&and aus Leipzig

Untitled (Horn),  2011
Painted steel
47 x 47 x 15 cm

Untitled , 2011
mp3 player, headphones

Drums/spoken word - Diana Policarpo
Elecric guitar - Pedro Andrade

Courtesy by Peter Hermans / V.F
Leipzig, Germany



Special thanks to: 
Anna Jehle and Peter Hermans


Holder Mader & Alexander Stublic & Heike Wiermann | Alexandre Gérard | Junge Gestalten | Damiano Cerrone | T.Raudsepp & S.Viir | Diana Policarpo | M.Roosen | T.Arnall & J.Knutsen & E.Martinussen | A.Deschamps

 Untitled , 2011
paper, marker

  Untitled (Under the Volcano) by dianapolicarpo

drums/spoken word: Diana Policarpo
electric guitar/ rec / mix / mastering: Pedro Andrade

Britannia Row Studios , London , U.K

Kilgore Trout, personagem no romance Breakfast of Champions, chama os espelhos de leaks porque entretia-o considerá-los como portais entre dois universos; sempre que alguém dizia a Kilgore I have to take a leak, este respondia: Where I come from, that means you're about to take a mirror. Na recta final da história, o próprio Kurt Vonnegut, o autor, entra na história e interage com as personagens que criou, usando uns óculos espelhados. Aqui, os óculos espelhados de Kurt são de facto um portal entre dois universos: o do autor (real) e o do universo das personagens (ficção). Kurt consegue ver através dos leaks mas os personagens apenas vêm um espelho quando o fitam nos olhos.
Estrica foi feita por Alexandre Rendeiro, Carlos Gaspar, Diana Policarpo, Marco Franco, Pedro Azevedo e Tamara Alves, que transformam páginas e alguns pontos da cidade de Lisboa em leaks. Uns são-no em si mesmos; outros acabam por sê-lo pela estética incisiva e conceptual com que os seus criadores os abordaram; ao fim ao cabo, uma das coisas que une todas as Artes é, indubitavelmente, o conceito de Portal. Todos transportam o leitor ou observador e/ou possibilitam a visualização da sua forma e conteúdo, ou seja, da sua tão específica configuração espaço-tempo. Todos os objectos artísticos têm uma moldura, por mais gasosa ou líquida que seja, e é por essa moldura que o observador ou leitor contempla o Universo criado pelo Artista. Por sorte, a superfície do outro lado é espelhada e aquele Universo não nos observa a nós – mas sem dúvida que nos transforma. 
Como? Essa verdade, sim, é que está por trás de um espelho impenetrável, e é asfixiante a curiosidade e o ímpeto que temos em conhecê-la.

Lançamento do fanzine ESTRICA  (#1)

Com a participação e organização de/ with the participation and organization by: 

Alexandre Rendeiro | Carlos Gaspar | Diana Policarpo | Marco Franco | Pedro Azevedo | Tamara Alves

Tiragem / Prints: 70 
capa: Diana Policarpo /João Machado 
texto: Alexandre Rendeiro
Apresentada no / Presented at LISBUM studio
09 / 09 / 11